About Us


Alex Rodriguez… Brad Pitt… Michael Jordan… President Clinton… Jackie Joyner-Kersee… Martin Sheen… Derek Jeter… Neil Diamond… Denzel Washington…

What do all of these people, and millions more throughout America, have in common? They are all alumni of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

While many Club alumni have achieved particular distinction in fields such as entertainment, business, politics and sports, the average alumnus is not famous. Most have achieved success by getting an education, raising a family, serving their country, pursuing a career or supporting the community.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County has helped hundreds of thousands find a place away from the pressures of peers, drugs, gangs, broken homes and overcrowding and the disadvantages circumstances of poor education, low income, unemployment, poor homes where love and attention are lacking.

At the Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County, there is a place a child can go and grow to get away from those pressures and temptations. More often than not, once a child becomes a member, their life is positively changed forever.

The purpose is to help young people ages 6-18 improve their lives by building self-esteem and developing values and skills during their critical period of growth. Services and programs provided focus on everything from education, social recreation, health and physical education, to leadership and citizenship development, cultural enrichment, and personal adjustment with one-on-one counseling. The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs is to assure and to enhance the quality of life for children as participating members of a diverse urban society.


  • 51% of Member Families Earn Less than $20,000 Annually
  • 68% of Members Live in a Single Parent Headed Household
  • 84% of Members Qualified for Free or Reduced School Lunch
  • 629,140 Total Visits of Member to Their Club
  • 2,761,352 Total Hours Spent By Club Members in Their Club